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Usage[change source]

This template is used to draw Dynkin diagrams. To use it simply pass the names of the parts of the diagram in order as template parameters. For example,










The following table contains all the parts that can be used.

name diagram
2 Dyn-2.png
3 Dyn-3.png
3s Dyn-3s.png
4 Dyn-4.png
4a Dyn-4a.png
4ab Dyn-4ab.png
4b Dyn-4b.png
4c Dyn-4c.png
4cc Dyn-4cc.png
6 Dyn-6.png
6a Dyn-6a.png
6b Dyn-6b.png
branch Dyn-branch.png
branch1 Dyn-branch1.png
branch1yg Dyn-branch1yg.png
branch2 Dyn-branch2.png
branch2gy Dyn-branch2gy.png
branch4 Dyn-branch4.png
branch4al Dyn-branch4al.png
branch4ar Dyn-branch4ar.png
branch4bl Dyn-branch4bl.png
branch4br Dyn-branch4br.png
branch6 Dyn-branch6.png
loop1 Dyn-loop1.png
loop2 Dyn-loop2.png
loop2g Dyn-loop2g.png
node_n1 Dyn-node n1.png
node_n10 Dyn-node n10.png
node_n11 Dyn-node n11.png
node_n12 Dyn-node n12.png
node_n2 Dyn-node n2.png
node_n3 Dyn-node n3.png
node_n4 Dyn-node n4.png
node_n5 Dyn-node n5.png
node_n6 Dyn-node n6.png
node_n7 Dyn-node n7.png
node_n8 Dyn-node n8.png
node_n9 Dyn-node n9.png
node Dyn-node.png
nodeg Dyn-nodeg.png
nodes Dyn-nodes.png
nodesyg Dyn-nodesyg.png
triplebranch1 Dyn-triplebranch1.png
triplebranch2 Dyn-triplebranch2.png
v12 Dyn-v12.png
v13 Dyn-v13.png
v14 Dyn-v14.png
v21 Dyn-v21.png
v22 Dyn-v22.png
v31 Dyn-v31.png
v32 Dyn-v32.png
v33 Dyn-v33.png
v41 Dyn-v41.png
v42 Dyn-v42.png
v51 Dyn-v51.png
v61 Dyn-v61.png
v71 Dyn-v71.png
v81 Dyn-v81.png
vab Dyn-vab.png

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