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title="" style="width:2em; text-align:center; background:;"|

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This template provides a simple and lean way to build a colored periodic table. Used in a wikitable, it produces a link to an element page and a background color.

Example Hg, in wikitable:

 | {{element cell-1|80|Y}}

It is suited for talkpages; for article space it may be too simple. Precoded PTs for copy-paste are available:

Usage[change source]

Element cell templates
cell cell-compact cell-named cell-large cell property cell image cell-asterisk cell AQ
not in articles
not in articles
  • 200.592(3)
  • short: 200.59
Image: mercury
2 asterisks
Used in wikitable pattern: {| |- | {{element cell-abc|80|Hg}} |}
All cell templates produce a table cell output in pattern:
style="background:#12abdf; {{{style|}}};" | [[Gold]]
Note that there is the pipe symbol (|) in the middle, separating cell style and cell content.
{{element cell
| link=
| border=
| bg=
| style=
| title=
| legend=
{{element cell
| 1= Atomic number
| 2= Element name (and default page link; see also 'link=' parameter)
| 3= Symbol
| 4= (not used)
| 5= State of matter (sets font color)
| 6= Metal–nonmetal category name (sets background color, see also bg=)
| 7= Occurrence (sets cell border style)
| link= Wikipedia page (links 2 different, like [[Mercury (element)|mercury]])
| border= Sets border style (overrides 7. Like: border=3px solid red)
| bg= Background color (overrides 6; can look like bg=#aabbcc)
| style= Adds or overrides style settings (do not add the "" quotes)
| title= Mousehover text (overrides title composed from 2: 6; 5; 7)
| legend= Legend text in title (overrides text part that was composed from 6; 5; 7)
See also: {{element cell-large/legend}} · {{Element color}} · List element cells

The template produces a content in formatted CSS style for a single element cell (to be used in a periodic table).

A simple list can be made easily, with colors set or changed: C (for Category color, as set in enwiki), R, G, B, Y, grey, pink, alkaline earth metal

So: |2=...

C (for Category color, as set in enwiki)
R -> red
G -> green
B -> blue
Y ->yellow
grey -> color name
pink -> color name
alkaline earth metal -> category name
title="1" style="width:2em; text-align:center; background:Template:Element cell-1/Z-to-catcolor;"|H H He Li Be B

Parameters[change source]

All parameters are optional.

{{element cell-1
| 1= atomic number Z
| 2= bg color (R,G,B,Y,W,X,C or "#abe5ff", "lightgreen", "post-transition metal" &tc.)

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