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This template is used in conjunction with {{Infobox animanga}} to summarize the English language licensees, publishers, or magazine for articles about anime or manga.

Usage[change source]

The following parameters may be specified to display release dates for multiple regions in a single call (however, the order is always defined as below and cannot be changed manually in a single call):

Australasian (Australia and New Zealand) region licensee
British Isles (United Kingdom and Ireland) region licensee (or, if they differ UK=licensee: United Kingdom licensee; IE=licensee: Ireland licensee)
Northern American (Canada and United States) region licensee (or, if they differ US=licensee: United States licensee; CA=licensee: Canada licensee)

Full syntax[change source]

{{English anime licensee
  | AUS = 
  | BI  = 
  | NA  = 

Alternate syntax[change source]

Using two parameters {{English anime licensee | [[region]] | licensee }}

Wikilinked region name. For brevity, should be formatted as a piped link, e.g. [[Southeast Asia|SEA]].
  • It is also possible to combine multiple regions in this parameter, for licensee which are the same between several regions -- e.g. [[Northern America|NA]] / [[United Kingdom|UK]]

Redirects[change source]

See also[change source]

  • {{English anime network}} – Expanded version this template that focuses more on individual countries instead of licensing regions. (In development)
  • {{Video game release}} – Template that inspired the creation of this one.