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Lewis, M. Paul, ed. (2009). Ethnologue: Languages of the World (16th ed.). Dallas, Texas: SIL International.

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This template is designed for use in the reference section of a language article. It links to the appropriate article at Ethnologue.

{{Ethnologue16|xyz}} (or {{E16|xyz}})

Replace xyz with the ISO 639-3 code for the language. A second, optional parameter is accepted:


Replace ABC with wording for the template to display, thus: ABC at Ethnologue (16th ed., 2009). If this parameter is omitted, the page name will be used, thus: Ethnologue16 at Ethnologue (16th ed., 2009). Specifying the wording may be useful if the Ethnologue name differs from the page name of the Wikipedia article. If no parameter is supplied, the template will revert to a generic citation and link to Ethnologue, though a pipe is required, thus: Ethnologue16 at Ethnologue.