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Usage[change source]

  • Notification that an article's "Further reading" section points to sources of new information, without which the article is not comprehensive.
  • Adds article to Category:Articles to be expanded.

If you do not want to explicitly point to the "Further reading" section, you will need to set |further=no.

Instructions to apply template[change source]

  1. Create a Further reading section in the article and list the sources you wish to be used.
  2. Add {{Expand article}} in the Further reading section, just before the sources.
  3. Consider describing the sources on the article's discussion page if their potential value isn't obvious.

Instructions to act on template[change source]

  1. When the article incorporates a requested source, cite it as a reference and remove its now-redundant Further reading entry.
  2. When the article's Further reading section is empty, delete the section header and the template.
  3. If the article's coverage is still inadequate, but you don't have a new source to suggest, consider using {{expand section}}.

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