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{{{year}}} FIA Formula One
World Championship
Drivers' Champion: <driver>
Constructors' Champion: <constructor>
Previous: none Next: none
Support series:
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Infobox to be placed at the top of F1 season summary articles.

Usage[change source]

{{F1 season
| year           = 
| image          =
| previous       =
| next           =
| champions      =
| support_series =

Parameters[change source]

  • previous - only needs to be populated if the desired value is not year-1 (e.g. for 1950, when the previous season is "none")
  • next - only needs to be populated if the desired value is not year+1
  • champions - this is deliberately a single, "free-form" parameter, rather than having separate parameters for drivers' and constructors' champions, for maximum flexibility, e.g. the names of the titles have changed through the years; from 1950 to 1957 there was no constructors' champion; in 1987, in addition to the WDC and WCC, there were also Jim Clark and Colin Chapman Trophies, etc.

Sample[change source]

{{F1 season
| year           = 2014
| champions      = [[List of Formula One World Drivers' Champions|Drivers' Champion]]: TBD<br>
{{nowrap|[[List of Formula One World Constructors' Champions|Constructors' Champion]]: [[Mercedes-Benz in Formula One|Mercedes]]}}
| support_series = {{hlist|[[2014 GP2 Series|GP2 Series]]|[[2014 GP3 Series|GP3 Series]]}}