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Usage[change source]

This template ({{FIFA Women's World Rankings}}) is meant to help quicky update the FIFA Women's World Rankings for all the ranked women's national teams of FIFA, displayed in the infobox on each national team article. When given a country code, the template outputs the FIFA Women's World Ranking of a country, along with a movement indicator (increase, decrease, or steady), and by how many spots a country moves, if applicable. The date of the rankings is also listed, along with a reference to the rankings from FIFA's website.

If desired, the FIFA ranking reference can be used elsewhere in the article using the name "FIFA Women's World Rankings" (i.e. <ref name="FIFA Women's World Rankings"/>).

Parameters[change source]

  • 1 (unnamed): FIFA country code
  • mdy: Switches dates to month-day-year format

Example[change source]

An example of the code used to display the ranking of Scotland:

{{FIFA Women's World Rankings|SCO}}

This code produces the following:

20 Decrease 1 (7 December 2018)[1]

  1. "The FIFA/Coca-Cola Women's World Ranking". FIFA. December 7, 2018. Retrieved December 7, 2018.

The template can be tested at the sandbox page, Template:FIFA Women's World Rankings/sandbox.

Updating[change source]

The main template page is not meant to be updated. The rankings should be updated at Module:SportsRankings/data/FIFA Women's World Rankings.

To update the rankings:

  1. On line 14, add the day and month (along with the year if necessary) of the current rankings
  2. On line 15, add the day and month (along with the year if necessary) of the previous rankings
  3. Between line 25 and ~176, paste in the code for the new rankings (see generating code section)
  4. Manually add Lebanon (see Lebanon note)

and save. Once the cache of a national team page is purged, the updated ranking will be displayed.

Generating rankings code[change source]

All positions can be quickly updated using a spreadsheet. For example, after copying the entire table (all rows, unedited) from FIFA's ranking list, the following formula can be used in an external spreadsheet to generate the code necessary to update the data page (given the FIFA rankings begin in cell A1):

="          {  """&SUBSTITUTE(B2, "Zanzibar Football Association (ZFA)", "Tanzania", 1)&""", "&A1&", "&E1&", "&C1&" },"

If unnecessary lines are included, then paste the text into a site to remove lines with the string , , ,.

Note: Due to a bug, FIFA's new ranking page is now missing Lebanon, therefore their ranking should be manually added to the appropriate line after checking their association page.

  • Use the code           { "Lebanon", POSITION, MOVEMENT, 0 }, and replace "POSITION" with their ranking position, and "MOVEMENT" with the number of spots moved.

Countries[change source]

Of FIFA's 211 member associations, 152 are currently included on FIFA's list.

Before FIFA's site redesign, the following 20 countries were missing from the list:

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