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Usage[change source]

To use the template folder copy the text contained in following box and save.


The first parameter (optional) can be: orange, blue, gray, green, violet, red, and (as a default) orange and blue.

The edit link only appears if the "link" parameter is set to a no blank value.

Cartella images[change source]

There are over fifty defined "Cartella" images that can be used. When choosing an undefined image, just use the second part of the name in the |image field. Important: You must include the file type suffix, e.g. .jpg, .svg etc.

Cartella images

Examples[change source]

















General guidelines & notes:
Footer image
Example 3


User defined fields
Example 5
{{Filefolder |user 
|border     = 000 
|border2    = CCC
|background = CCC 
|background2= ABCDEF 
|logo       = Nuvola_apps_date.svg
|image      = blu (darker).jpg 
|link       = Template:Filefolder/doc
|radius2    = 0em
  1. When adding images to the |image= and |footer_image= fields, do not include the namespace prefix (File:).
  2. When defining image sizes do not include the abbreviation for pixel (px}.
  3. User defined colors must be hex.
  4. The gray option can be spelled either as gray or grey.

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