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{{Football squad2 player/doc}} is designed to be used within squad list templates (typically placed at the bottom of a player page) in order to make editing and standardisation easier. If you want to use this template first set up a new template for your squad, typically called something like Template:(team name) squad. For an example of the template in use see Template:Everton F.C. squad.

Syntax[change source]

You need to use three templates to create a squad list using this template: {{football squad2 start}}, {{football squad2 player}} and {{football squad2 lastplayer}}. Use {{football squad2 start}} to define the team name and colours, {{football squad2 player}} to add the name and number of every player and {{football squad2 lastplayer}} to add the last player in the squad and close the template.

Example[change source]

The code:

{{football squad2 start|teamname=Norwich City F.C.|bgcolor=yellow|textcolor=green|bordercolor=green}}
{{football squad2 player|no=1|name=[[Robert Green|Green]]}}
{{football squad2 player|no=2|name=[[Mattieu Louis-Jean|Louis-Jean]]}}
{{football squad2 player|no=3|name=[[Adam Drury|Drury]]}}
{{football squad2 player|no=4|name=[[Jason Shackell|Shackell]]}}
{{football squad2 player|no=5|name=[[Craig Fleming|Fleming]]}}
{{football squad2 player|no=6|name=[[Darren Huckerby|Huckerby]]}}
{{football squad2 player|no=8|name=[[Peter Thorne|Thorne]]}}
{{football squad2 lastplayer|no=10|name=[[Robert Earnshaw|Earnshaw]]}}

Creates the following table: Lua error in Module:Navbar at line 62: Invalid title {{{name}}}.

Parameters[change source]

Start[change source]

{{football squad2 start|teamname= |bgcolor= |textcolor= |bordercolor= |title= }}
  • teamname: Name of the team. Use the name of the team's article.
  • bgcolor: Color of the header background. Can be either a name (for example red) or in hexadecimal (for example #ff0000)
  • textcolor: Color of the header text. Can be either a name or in hexadecimal
  • bordercolor: Color of the header border. Can be either a name or in hexadecimal
  • title(optional): Enter this paramater to change the team name shown in the header to something other than the article name.

player and lastplayer[change source]

{{football squad2 player|no= |name= }}
{{football squad2 lastplayer|no= |name= }}
  • no: Player's squad number
  • name: Typically a Piped link to the player's article on Wikipedia. The pipe should have the article name first and the player's surname (or nickname) second, for example [[Wayne Rooney|Rooney]] or [[Frederico Chaves Guedes|Fred]].
    For players whose article title is only one word long a piped link is not necessary (for example  [[Ronaldinho]] would be fine).
    For players with a space in their surname, such as Marco van Basten, the use of a piped link with   instead of a space ensures that the name will appear on one line:
    • [[Marco van Basten|van Basten]] becomes [[Marco van Basten|van Basten]].
    • [[Carlos Alberto]] becomes [[Carlos Alberto|Carlos Alberto]]. See Non-breaking space for further details.

manager[change source]

{{football squad2 manager|name= }}
{{football squad2 manager|title= |name= }}

This can be used instead of the lastplayer template, if the inclusion of a club manager is desired.

  • title: An optional extra which changes the title of "Manager". Alternative titles may include "Coach" or "Caretaker Manager" (Caretaker Manager).

Categorisation[change source]

Templates are categorised into countries within the Category:Football squad templates. It is important to use <noinclude> and </noinclude> either side of the categories so that they are not seen on the template.