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How to use this template[change source]

Type the following, replacing XXXX with the company's stock symbol:


International Securities Identifying Number[change source]

If the ISIN is known you can enter as follows:


Where to use this template[change source]

The best location for this template is in an infobox about the company, such as {{Infobox company}}, at the top of the article, if one exists. Include this template in the traded_as parameter.

{{Infobox company
| company_type=[[Public company|Public]]
| traded_as={fwb|VOW}}

In some legacy usages, this template may be found in first sentence of the article. It's encouraged to move it to an infobox, in accordance with Ticker symbols in article leads and the community RFC.

Because redundant links are discouraged, this template should normally only appear in one place in an article about a publicly traded company.

See also[change source]

  • {{FWB link}} - A version of this template that only provides the ticker and a link to the security website.