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Usage[change source]

This template can be used on templates and tables to automatically set the background color and the font color to the primary (background) color and the secondary (font) color and optionally the tertiary (border) color that are used by Gridiron football (including American Football, Canadian Football, and Arena/Indoor Football) teams. It can be used in conjunction with other Gridiron color templates listed in the "See also" section below. It takes only one required parameter, which is the team name and one optional parameter, which is the year. If the year is provided it will be used to select the color scheme used at that point in time in the case of franchises whose color schemes have changed over time. If the year is not provided, the current color scheme will be used.

Detail[change source]

{{Gridiron alt secondary color|team}}


{{Gridiron alt secondary color|team|border=2}}


{{Gridiron alt secondary color|team|year=2000}}

Deprecated method to get non-current color[change source]

Prior to the implementation of the year parameter, the method to designate non-current color schemes was to specify an alternate team name. For example, {{Gridiron alt secondary color|Buffalo Bills 62thru01}} or {{Gridiron alt secondary color|Buffalo Bills 1962thru2001}} would yield the primary color in use by the Buffalo Bills from 1962 through 2001. A simpler way to achieve this same result using the year parameter would be {{Gridiron alt secondary color|Buffalo Bills|year=2000}}. This requires no special knowledge of the correct "code" for the previously used color scheme.

While the old code word based methodology has been retained in the interest of backward compatibility, the new method using the year parameter should be used going forward.

Color data[change source]

All color data is stored in Module:Gridiron color/data. Requests to change or update colors should be made at Module talk:Gridiron color.