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Hurricane season bars templates[change source]

Overview[change source]

The hurricane season button bars have had a major design overhaul recently. Everything is more user friendly, and every hurricane basin now relies on the same templates.

  • You no longer need to find the basin-specific template for the hurricane season you want, every basin works the exact same way
  • Scale legends are automatically handled by the template, no need to search for the templates, or create a custom table for it
  • Links to portal, categories, books, wikiproject, and Wikimedia commons are now handled automatically
  • Ability to link to list of storms, timelines, statistics, and other common articles

Four templates are used in total

All are documented on this page.

{{Hurricane season bar start}}[change source]

Alright, first comes the start of the template. This is simple, just use

{{Hurricane season bar start
parameter |year= |region= |type=

Australian region
North Indian Ocean
South-West Indian Ocean
South Pacific


The basic idea is to match the title of the season. So for the 2005–06 Australian region cyclone season

  • |year=2005–06
  • |region=Australian region
  • |type=cyclone

In addition, if a list of storms, timeline, and/or statistics article exist for that season, add


If they do not exist, just leave them out (i.e. |timeline=no will still produce a link to the timeline)

{{Hurricane season bar button}}[change source]

This is a bit more complicated than the first template, but is still straightforward. It goes like this

{{Hurricane season bar button
parameter value
|intensity= See {{storm colour}}, use directly, aka
  • |intensity=cat1

and not

|stormname= Name of the storm, without year, etc..., aka
  • Arthur


  • Arthur (1996)
|strength= Tropical Depression, Category 5, etc...
|linkname= Main article for this storm, e.g.
  • Tropical Storm Kyle (1996)

Alternatively, the "season#section" link, e.g.

  • 1996 Atlantic hurricane season#Tropical Storm Gustav
|storminitial= The initial for the storm. This is what is displayed as a button.

{{Hurricane season bar gap}} [optional][change source]

When there are over 14 buttons in a season insert {{Hurricane season bar gap}} between two {{Hurricane season bar button}} to make the button list split over an additional line.

  • Place them so the second line has as many buttons as the first one, or one less.

When there's over 28 buttons, use two {{Hurricane season bar gap}} templates.

  • The first and second lines should have an equal number of buttons.
  • The third line can have one or two less buttons than the first two lines.

When there's over 42 buttons, use three {{Hurricane season bar gap}} templates.

  • The first, second and third lines should have an equal number of buttons.
  • The fourth line can have one, two, or three less buttons than the first three lines.

And so on. This template has no parameters.

{{Hurricane season bar end}}[change source]

This works just like {{Hurricane season bar start}}, except there is only three parameters.

{{Hurricane season bar start

These are the same parameters as before, so use the same values.

If you did it right...[change source]

If you did it right, you should end up with something that looks a lot like this