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Usage[change source]

Use this template when the normal method for entering ISBNs (see below) would be repetitive or redundant. Examples would be a table with a column of ISBNs.

Note that this template is not required for inserting an ISBN into an article; the Mediawiki software recognizes ISBNs automatically.

Entering ISBNs[change source]

Normally simply type ISBN before the number with no spaces or colons. Hyphens are not required, but are preferred if their proper placement is known.

In tables (or other applications) where the letters ISBN would be redundant this ISBNT template may be used instead.

  • {{ISBNT|1-4133-0454-0}}   produces 1-4133-0454-0
  • {{ISBNT|978-1-4133-0454-1}}   produces 978-1-4133-0454-1

If the type of ISBN must be specified, the ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 templates may be used.

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