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Usage[change source]

{{Infobox Olympic games|Year|Season| <!-- IMPORTANT: keep the pipe after "Season" on the same line for the template to work properly -->
| Logo                   =  <!-- internal link to the logo image file -->
| Alt                    =  <!-- alternative text for the logo image -->
| Size                   =  <!-- custom size for the logo image -->
| Optional caption       =  <!-- optional caption for the logo-->
| Motto                  =  <!-- the motto/slogan of the Games -->
| Nations participating  =  <!-- total number of participating National Olympic Committees (NOCs) -->
| Athletes participating =  <!-- total number of participating athletes -->
| Officially opened by   =  <!-- person who officially opened the Games -->
| Athlete's Oath         =  <!-- athlete who swore the Olympic Oath -->
| Judge's Oath           =  <!-- judge/official who swore the Olympic Oath -->
| Coach's Oath           =  <!-- coach who swore the Olympic Oath -->
| Olympic Torch          =  <!-- last torch bearer -->

Some parameters are not customizable and display a default value according to mandatory parameters Year and Season:

  • Host city
Name of the city where the Games were hosted (values provided by sub-template {{Olympics infobox/Host city}})
  • Events
Total number of events and sports contested at the Games (values provided by sub-template {{Olympics infobox/Events}})
  • Opening ceremony
Date of the opening ceremony of the Games (values provided by sub-template {{Olympics infobox/Opening ceremony}})
  • Closing ceremony
Date of the closing ceremony of the Games (values provided by sub-template {{Olympics infobox/Closing ceremony}})

Example[change source]

Here is an example of the infobox displaying content about the 2000 Summer Olympics:

{{Infobox Olympic games|2000|Summer|
| Logo                   =  Example.svg
| Alt                    =  Example image
| Size                   =  250
| Optional caption       =  Official logo of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
| Motto                  =  Share the spirit
| Nations participating  =  199
| Athletes participating =  10,651<br/>(6,582 men, 4,069 women)
| Officially opened by   =  [[William Deane]]
| Athlete's Oath         =  [[Rechelle Hawkes]]
| Judge's Oath           =  [[Peter Kerr (water polo)|Peter Kerr]]
| Olympic Torch          =  [[Cathy Freeman]]

Microformat[change source]

The HTML mark-up produced by this template includes an hCalendar microformat that makes event details readily parsable by computer programs. This aids tasks such as the cataloguing of articles and maintenance of databases. For more information about the use of microformats on Wikipedia, please visit the Microformat WikiProject on English Wikipedia.
Classes used

The HTML classes of this microformat include:

  • attendee
  • contact
  • description
  • dtend
  • dtstart
  • location
  • organiser
  • summary
  • url
  • vevent
Please do not rename or remove these classes
nor collapse nested elements which use them.