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The {{Infobox animanga character}} is a general purpose infobox for anime and manga characters. All parameters are optional, though "name" will default to the article's page name. Additional series specific fields can also be added through the use of auxiliary fields.

Usage[change source]

{{{series}}} character
First appearance{{{first}}}
Created by{{{creator}}}
Voiced by{{{voiced by}}}
Portrayed by{{{portrayed by}}}
{{{oaux1 name}}}{{{oaux1}}}
{{{oaux2 name}}}{{{oaux2}}}
{{{oaux3 name}}}{{{oaux3}}}
{{{paux1 name}}}{{{paux1}}}
{{{paux2 name}}}{{{paux2}}}
{{{paux3 name}}}{{{paux3}}}
{{{paux4 name}}}{{{paux4}}}
{{{paux5 name}}}{{{paux5}}}
{{{aux1 name}}}{{{aux1}}}
{{{aux2 name}}}{{{aux2}}}
{{{aux3 name}}}{{{aux3}}}
{{{aux4 name}}}{{{aux4}}}
{{{aux5 name}}}{{{aux5}}}
{{Infobox animanga character
| name         = 
| series       = 
| image        = 
| caption      = 
| first        = 
| creator      = 
| voiced by    = 
| oaux name <!-- You must write a number for this parameter to be valid (e.g. oaux1 name) --> = 
| oaux <!-- You must write a number for this parameter to be valid (e.g. oaux1) --> = 
| nickname     = 
| alias        = 
| gender       = 
| species      = 
| nationality  = 
| title        = 
| relatives    = 
| paux name <!-- You must write a number for this parameter to be valid (e.g. paux1 name) -->  = 
| paux <!-- You must write a number for this parameter to be valid (e.g. paux1) --> = 
| divider      = 
| aux name <!-- You must write a number for this parameter to be valid (e.g. aux1 name) --> = 
| aux <!-- You must write a number for this parameter to be valid (e.g. aux1) --> = 

To avoid needlessly cluttering up articles, it is usually appropriate to remove any unnecessary parameters from the template.

Explanation of parameters[change source]

Parameter Explanation
color Color of headings. (ex. color = #FFFFFF) Default is #DEDEE2
color text Color of text in headings. (ex. color text = #FFFFFF) Default is #000
name Name of character. Default is article name.
series Anime or manga series the character is from.
image Image of the character. (ex. [[Image:Example.png|230px]]) Optimal image size is 230px.
caption Image caption.
first Chapter, issue, episode, or volume the character first appears. Excludes cameos, brief mentions by other characters or the narrator, and subsequent appearances in other media adaptations.
creator Character's creator. May also included first character designer.
voiced by Actors or actresses who voiced the character (both Japanese and English).
oaux[1-3] name Name of out of universe auxiliary fields. (ex. oaux1 name = Performed by)
oaux[1-3] Out of universe auxiliary fields.
nickname Any nicknames.
alias Any aliases.
gender Gender of character (if not obvious).
species Species of character (if not obvious).
nationality Nationality of character (if integral to the story). Not to be confused with ethnicity.
title Any titles held by character.
relatives Known relatives integral to the story.
paux[1-5] name Name of profile auxiliary fields. (ex. paux1 name = Affiliations)
paux[1-5] Profile auxiliary fields. (ex. paux1 = Earth Federation)
divider Adds a section divider after the Profile section. If set to "yes" the section's title will default to "Information".
aux[1-5] name Name of auxiliary fields.
aux[1-5] Auxiliary fields. Will follow section divider if set.

Note about auxiliary fields[change source]

Auxiliary fields are for additional information that helps the reader to understand the character in a brief glance. Therefore, do not use auxiliary fields for trivial information, such as blood type, hair color, eye color, body measurements, likes, dislikes, etc.

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