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group n/a

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Usage[change source]

To be used inside {{Infobox element}}. Produces an line of text with proper links. It can take its parameters from existing infobox parameters (no changes needed in most individual infoboxes).

{{infobox element/group

It uses group number to produce (show) basic text & links. This text is overruled by series (lanthanides, actinides, superactinides): they get their own text (currently: the n/a link). All this can be top-overruled by individual atomic number text (e.g. 1 Hydrogen) for special situations.

Required is either one of the three overruling series names or a group number. In case of an error, the template page (not the element article) is listed in Category:Element templates that need attention for maintenance check. The error is not shown on the article page.

Demo[change source]

group, nr or series shows in infobox note
1, H group 1 1, H set by atomic number exception to overrule default text for group=1 (not an alkali metal)
57, La group 3 set by atomic number
71, Lu n/a Lu, 71: set by category=lanthanide
89, Ac group 3 set by atomic number exception
103, Lr n/a 103, Lr: set by category=lanthanide
109, Mt group 9 (predicted) set |predicted=yes for demo purposes only
117, Ts group 17 117, Ts set by atomic number exception to overrule default text for group=17 (not a verified halogen)
118, Og group 18 118, Og set by atomic number exception to overrule default text for group=18 (not a verified noble gas)
121, Ubu n/a set by series=superactinides
1 group 1 (alkali metals)
2 group 2 (alkaline earth metals)
3 group 3
4 group 4
5 group 5
6 group 6
7 group 7
8 group 8
9 group 9
10 group 10
11 group 11
12 group 12
13 group 13 (boron group)
14 group 14 (carbon group)
15 group 15 (pnictogens)
16 group 16 (chalcogens)
17 group 17 (halogens)
18 group 18 (noble gases)
19 (by software error only)
n/a (by software error only) group=n/a input should have been overruled by being lan/act/superact series

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