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Usage[change source]

Oxidation states comment options (WP:ELEMENTS talk)
|comment= options (as of November 2018):
comment=acidic (an acidic oxide)
comment=mildly acidic (a mildly acidic oxide)
comment=strongly acidic (a strongly acidic oxide)
comment=amphoteric (an amphoteric oxide)
comment=basic (a basic oxide)
comment=weakly basic (a weakly basic oxide)
comment=mildly basic (a mildly basic oxide)
comment=strongly basic (a strongly basic oxide)
comment=strongly basic expected (expected to have a strongly basic oxide) -- Ra
comment=oxidizes oxygen (oxidizes oxygen) -- F
comment=depending (depending on the oxidation state, an acidic, basic, or amphoteric oxide) -- Cr, Mn
comment=rarely non-0, weakly acidic (rarely more than 0; a weakly acidic oxide) -- Xe
comment=rarely non-0, unk oxide (rarely more than 0; oxide is unknown) -- Kr
comment=parenthesized (parenthesized: prediction)
comment=predicted (predicted)
comment=<any text> <any text>, including blank
WP:ENGVAR (set |engvar= in article page):
|engvar= (parenthesized: prediction)
|engvar=en-US (default) (parenthesized: prediction)
|engvar=en-GB (brackets: prediction)
|engvar=en-OED (brackets: prediction)
|engvar=en-FOO (parenthesized: prediction)