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FIVB ranking? (as of October 2018)
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Usage[change source]

Head coach{{{coach}}}
FIVB ranking? (as of October 2018)
First international
{{{First game}}}
Summer Olympics
Appearances{{{Olympic apps}}} (First in [[Volleyball at the {{{Olympic first}}} Summer Olympics|{{{Olympic first}}}]])
Best result{{{Olympic best}}}
World Championship
Appearances{{{World Champs apps}}} (First in [[{{{World Champs first}}} FIVB Volleyball Men's World Championship|{{{World Champs first}}}]])
Best result{{{World Champs best}}}
World Cup
Appearances{{{World Cup apps}}} (First in [[{{{World Cup first}}} FIVB Volleyball Men's World Cup|{{{World Cup first}}}]])
Best result{{{World Cup best}}}
{{{Regional name}}}
Appearances{{{Regional cup apps}}} (First in {{{Regional cup first}}})
Best result{{{Regional cup best}}}
{{Infobox national volleyball team
| name          = 
| image         = 
| nickname      =
| federation    = 
| confederation = 
| coach         = 
| pattern_la1   = 
| pattern_b1    = 
| pattern_ra1   = 
| pattern_s1    = 
| leftarm1      = 
| body1         = 
| rightarm1     = 
| shorts1       = 
| pattern_la2   = 
| pattern_b2    = 
| pattern_ra2   = 
| pattern_s2    = 
| leftarm2      = 
| body2         = 
| rightarm2     = 
| shorts2       = 
| Olympic apps  = 
| Olympic first = 
| Olympic best  = 
| World Champs apps = 
| World Champs first= 
| World Champs best = 
| World Cup apps = 
| World Cup first= 
| World Cup best = 
| Regional name      = 
| Regional cup apps  = 
| Regional cup first = 
| Regional cup best  =
| website            = 
| medaltemplates     =
country's name, required for ranking
required, typically the image name of national flag
men or women, defaults to men
u23, u21, u20, u19 or u18 for youth teams, defaults to blank
required, name of national federation for the team
optional, link to federation's website
required, one of AVC, CAVB, CEV, CSV, or NORCECA.
optional, name of head coach
FIVB rank
appears automatically if specified gender, defaults to nothing, changes in Rankings should be made in Template:FIVB ranking men for men and Template:FIVB ranking women for women
Olympic/W Champs/W Cup/Regional cup apps
optional, number of appearances in the tournament
Olympic/W Champs/W Cup/Regional cup first
optional, first appearance (requires to specify gender)
Olympic/W Champs/W Cup/Regional cup best
optional, best result in that tournament (requires to specify gender)

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