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Syntax[change source]

{{Infobox pro wrestling championship

Usage[change source]

Parameter Explanation
championshipname The name of the championship.
image An image of the championship belt. (Optional)
image_size Insert image width (defaults to 200px if empty).
caption A caption explaining the image. (May include when the design was used.)
currentholder The current title holder.
won The date the current title holder won the belt.
aired The date the title win was aired on television. (Do not include if the win aired the same day or never aired.)
promotion The promotion that controls the championship.
brand The brand that controls the championship. (for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Championships ONLY)
created The date the championship was created.
mostreigns The person with the most title reigns followed by the amount of reigns. A link to a list of champions may be added.
firstchamp The first champion.
longestreign The person with the longest reign followed by the length of the reign. A link to a list of championship reigns by length may be added.
shortestreign The person with the shortest reign followed by the length of the reign.
oldest The oldest person to win the title followed by their age at the time of the title win.
youngest The youngest person to win the title followed by their age at the time of the title win.
heaviest The heaviest person to hold the title followed by their weight. (use of {{convert}} recommended)
lightest The lightest person to hold the title followed by their weight. (use of {{convert}} recommended)
pastnames Past names of the title.
titleretired The date the title was retired for inactive championships.
pastlookimages Images of past belt designs. (Perferably at 50px)

Example[change source]

{{Infobox championship
|image=WWE Championship.jpg
|caption=The WWE Championship belt <br /> (April 11, 2005 – August 20, 2006; September 18, 2006 – present)
|championshipname=WWE Championship
|currentholder=[[Triple H]]
|won=[[April 27]], [[2008]]
|promotion=[[World Wrestling Entertainment]]
|brand=[[WWE Raw|RAW]]
|created=[[April 29]], [[1963]]
|mostreigns=[[The Rock (entertainer)|The Rock]] and [[Triple H]] ([[List of WWE Champions|7 reigns]])
|firstchamp=[[Buddy Rogers]]
|longestreign=[[Bruno Sammartino]] {{nobr|([[List of WWE Championship reigns by length|2803 days]])}}
|shortestreign=[[Andre the Giant]] {{nobr|([[List of WWE Championship reigns by length|c. 45 seconds]])}}
|oldest=[[Vince McMahon]] {{nobr|(54 years, 21 days)}}
|youngest=<!-- Randy Orton is not the youngest to win this title, do not change Brock to Randy, Randy won the other Heavyweight title. -->[[Brock Lesnar]] {{nobr|(25 years, 44 days)}}
|heaviest=[[Rodney Anoa'i|Yokozuna]] (550 lbs)
|lightest=[[Eddie Guerrero]] (220 lbs)
* WWWF World Heavyweight Championship
* WWWF Heavyweight Championship
* WWF Heavyweight Championship
* WWF World Heavyweight Championship
* WWF Championship
* WWF/E "Undisputed" Championship}}
|pastlookimages= [[Image:WWF Championship 1998 - 2002.jpg|50px|The WWF Championship of the Attitude Era]]<br>[[Image:WWF Undisputed Championship.jpg|50px|The first look of the WWF Undisputed Championship]]<br>[[Image:Wwfwinged.jpg|50px|The WWF Championship of the late 80s to early 90s]]

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