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Infobox rdt
Route map

Template:Fairmount Line map

This template is specially built for including route map based on the Wikipedia:route diagram template set into the infobox map parameter or anything like that, primarily for {{Infobox rail line}}. Direct transclusion of the route digram without the help of this template might cause the rows of map to "break apart" and look bad (icons that comprising the diagram are not cohesively joining.) This is due to the predominating styling defined by the infobox header and the extra cellpadding given by Microsoft Internet Explorer 7. (The problem doesn't exist when browsing by IE8, Firefox or Safari.) Fill in the parameter {{{1}}} with your route diagram template name (without the prefix template: .)

Example: transcluding {{Fairmount Line map}} into {{Infobox rail line}}[change source]

{{Infobox rail line
|map = {{Infobox rdt|Fairmount Line map}}
|map_state = show

When infobox RDT is unnecessary or ineffective[change source]

  • The rows of map will partially break apart if the text in specific BS row template is too long. This can be solved by moving some of the text to the next BS row template. Increase the width or set by auto of the infobox (not the map itself) if the text is only slightly lengthy that causes the breaking. Editor should check the infobox template if such parameter is available. For example, box_width of {{Infobox rail line}} and {{Infobox rail service}}.
  • There are at least 3 possbilities that applying this template will mess up the whole article layout:
  1. Incorrect or non-existing route template name. (This might happen when solely transwiking the syntax of the main article to another Wiki project without the route template alongside)
  2. Bad syntax within the route template
  3. The map parameter of the infobox, such as {{infobox rail}} (protected), restricts the input to 1 single image link only. At this rate, editor should consider changing infobox or giving up the idea to transclude route template into infobox. An alternative option, apply the "table in table" trick to arrange the route template right below the infobox within one master table.