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Styles of
Reference style{{{reference}}}
Spoken style{{{spoken}}}
Alternative style{{{alternative}}}
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Usage[change source]

Blank template[change source]

{{Infobox royal styles
| name        =
| image       =
| image_size  =
| reference   = 
| spoken      = 
| alternative = 

Parameters[change source]

  • name or royal name
Name which appears at top of infobox
  • image
(optional) Coat of arms image, should be in format Imagefilename.png
  • image_size
(optional) Image size, generally between 50-100px
  • reference or dipstyle
Reference style (originally labeled: Diplomatic style)
  • spoken or offstyle
Spoken style (originally labeled: Official spoken style)
  • alternative or altstyle
Alternative style (originally labeled: Alternative spoken style)

Examples[change source]

Commonwealth Realms[change source]

Styles of
Queen Elizabeth II
Personal flag of Queen Elizabeth II.svg
Reference styleHer Majesty
Spoken styleYour Majesty
Alternative styleMa'am

Elizabeth II

{{Infobox royal styles
| name        = Queen Elizabeth II
| image       = Personal flag of Queen Elizabeth II.svg
| image_size  = 75px
| reference   = [[Majesty|Her Majesty]]
| spoken      = Your Majesty
| alternative = Ma'am

Brazil[change source]

Styles of
Pedro II, Emperor of Brazil
CoA Empire of Brazil (1870-1889).svg
Reference styleHis Imperial Majesty
Spoken styleYour Imperial Majesty
Alternative styleSire

Pedro II of Brazil

{{Infobox royal styles
| name        = Pedro II, Emperor of Brazil
| image       = CoA Empire of Brazil (1870-1889).svg
| image_size  = 60px
| reference   = [[Imperial Majesty (style)|His Imperial Majesty]]
| spoken      = Your Imperial Majesty
| alternative = Sire

Greece[change source]

Styles of
King Alexander I of the Hellenes
Royal Arms of Greece (1863-1936).svg
Reference styleHis Majesty
Spoken styleYour Majesty

Alexander of Greece (king)

{{Infobox royal styles
| name        = King Alexander I of the Hellenes
| image       = Royal Arms of Greece (1863-1936).svg
| image_size  = 60px
| reference   = [[Majesty|His Majesty]]
| spoken      = Your Majesty

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