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Notes on use[change source]

This section is in response to a request on how to use Template:Infobox Symptom effectively. The template does not at the current time include summary information about the symptom itself. Instead, it contains a consistent interface to other sources that provide information about the condition. Don't worry about trying to fill in all the fields -- even if you can only get one or two, that still can be useful.

1) While editing a condition, copy and paste the following text at the top of the page:

Infobox symptom
| Name           = {{PAGENAME}} 
| Background     = 
| Image          = 
| Caption        = 
| ICD10          = {{ICD10|ICD10Group|Major|minor|Linkcode|Minorlink}} 
| ICD9           = {{ICD9|xxx}} 
| ICDO           = 
| OMIM           = 
| DiseasesDB     = 
| MedlinePlus    = 
| eMedicineSubj  = 
| eMedicineTopic = 

For details on these parameters and where to search for values, please refer to Template:Infobox Disease.