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Infobox television film is used to summarize information about television films (TV movies) and miniseries.

Usage[change source]

Genre Comedy
Creator John Doe
Directed by John Smith
Produced by Jane Doe
Written by Jane Roe
Starring Richard Roe
Jennifer Smith
Music by Jack Smith
Editing by Verna Fields
Budget US$4 million
Country United States
Language English
Original channel ABC
Release date January 1, 2001 (2001-01-01)
Original run January 1, 2001 – January 2, 2001
Running time 100 minutes
No. of episodes 2
Preceded by Example film
Followed by Example film 2
Official website

Parameters[change source]

{{Infobox television film
| name         = 
| runtime      = 
| genre        = 
| creator      = 
| writer       = 
| director     = 
| producer     = 
| starring     = 
| editing      = 
| music        = 
| budget       = 
| country      = 
| language     = 
| network      = 
| released     = 
| first_aired  = 
| last_aired   = 
| num_episodes = 
| preceded_by  = 
| followed_by  = 
| website      = 

While none of the parameters are compulsory (in the sense of making the template break), certain ones would need to be used if the infobox is to be a useful one .

Parameter Explanation
name The name of the television film or miniseries. Use the full name of the film, and do not wikilink it.
runtime The total running time for the film or miniseries; should not include commercials and should be approximated.
genre The genre of the show (examples listed at television program). Separate multiple genres with line breaks (<br>).
creator Who created the film/miniseries. Separate multiple people with line breaks (<br>).
writer The writer(s). Separate multiple people with line breaks (<br>).
director The director(s). Separate multiple people with line breaks (<br>).
producer The producer(s). Separate multiple people with line breaks (<br>).
starring Who stars in the film/miniseries (top-billed only). Separate multiple people with line breaks (<br>).
editing The editor(s). Separate multiple people with line breaks (<br>).
music The musical composer. Separate multiple people with line breaks (<br>).
budget The budget of the film.
country The country of origin for the film/miniseries. Flag icons unnecessary. Separate multiple countries with line breaks (<br>).
language The original language(s) the film/miniseries is in. This should not be wikilinked unless it is a lesser known language; if it is wikilinked, be sure to link to the actual language article
network The original network(s) or channel(s) on which the film/miniseries appears. Do not add the foreign broadcasters here.
released For use with television films; the day on which the film was first aired on television.
first_aired For use with miniseries; the day the first episode aired
last_aired For use with miniseries; the day the last episode aired.
num_episodes For use with miniseries; the number of episodes aired.
preceded_by For use with television films; the preceding film in a series.
followed_by For use with television films; the following film in a series.
website The film's or miniseries' official website (usually hosted by the network or production company). Only type in the website. Formatting is automatic.

Example[change source]

{{Infobox television film
| bgcolour     =
| name         = Example
| runtime      = 100 minutes
| genre        = [[Comedy]]
| creator      = [[John Doe]]
| writer       = [[Jane Roe]]
| director     = [[John Smith]]
| producer     = [[Jane Doe]]
| starring     = [[Richard Roe]]<br>[[Jennifer Smith]]
| editing      = [[Verna Fields]]
| music        = [[Jack Smith]]
| country      = [[United States]]
| language     = [[English language|English]]
| network      = [[American Broadcasting Company|ABC]]
| released     = {{Start date|2001|01|01}}
| first_aired  = {{Start date|2001|01|01}}
| last_aired   = January 2, 2001
| num_episodes = 2
| preceded_by  = Example [[film]]
| followed_by  = Example [[film]] 2
| website      = http://en.wikipedia.org

IMDb, Allmovie, and other external links[change source]

External links to resources such as the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), Allmovie, TV.com and any official website are no longer included in this template. Nevertheless, these resources and others may be usefully added to the External Links section of the article using the following templates:

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