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Introduction[change source]

This template produces a standardized box which concisely presents the main statistics info about a professional wrestling event without interfering with the article flow. Its only mandatory parameters are promotion, date, venue, and city.

Suggested usage[change source]

An easy and error-proof way to use the template is to copy the code below to the top of the article source text, then add the relevant parameter values.

Empty syntax[change source]

provided for copy-and-paste usage

{{Infobox wrestling event

Description of fields[change source]

  • name. The name of the event held (preferably without the promotion's initials).
  • image. The image filename —do not add modifiers, such as thumb or size specifications, such as 150px.
  • imagesize The size of the image can be altered with this parameter. Default is 200px.
  • caption. This field adds a caption to the image if needed.
  • tagline. The tagline of the event. (optional)
  • theme. The theme song of the event in quotation marks followed by band name in parenthesis. (optional)
  • promotion. The name of the professional wrestling promotion holding this event.
  • brand. For World Wrestling Entertainment related events, the brand(s) holding this event (Raw, SmackDown and ECW).
  • date. Date of the event.
  • attendance. The number of people in attendance. (optional)
  • venue. The venue(s) of where the event is held
  • city. The location of the venue.
  • lastevent. The previous pay-per-view event, if the show is a pay-per-view.
  • nextevent. The next pay-per-view event, if the show is a pay-per-view.
  • event. The name of the pay-per-view series.
  • lastevent2. The previous pay-per-view event under that name.
  • nextevent2. The next pay-per-view event under that name.