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Usage[change source]

The Inuse template message is placed at the top of a page you are actively editing for a short period of time. The tag is intended to inform people that someone is currently working on the article, thereby reducing edit conflicts. Please do not leave it in place for more than the few hours at most that should be necessary, as doing so may unnecessarily discourage others from contributing to the article. If it has been up for more than two hours since the last edit, it should be removed. Specifying periods of several days or longer for this template goes against the spirit of simply avoiding edit conflicts; please only use it for sessions where you are actively editing the article.

To use, just add {{inuse}} at the top of the article you want to work on. If you want to reserve it for a specific length of time and optionally, a message, use {{inuse|time (message)}}. If you want to reserve it until a certain time, or use a different custom message without the word "for," use {{inuse||for=|until (time)}} or {{inuse||for=|custom message}}. Please remember to remove the Inuse note as soon as you're finished editing.

Examples[change source]


{{inuse|5 minutes}}

{{inuse|30 minutes to fix the information in the History section}}

{{inuse||for=|until 12:00 PM UTC}}