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This template is to call line colour of TfL lines. Following lines are included in this template.

In order to call the colour of a specific line (e.g. Jubilee line), #{{LUL colour|Jubilee}} is the command.

| Bakerloo=b26300
| Central=dc241f
| Circle=ffd329
| District=007d32
| East London=ef7b10
| Hammersmith & City=f4a9be
| Jubilee=a1a5a7
| Metropolitan=9b0058
| Northern=000000
| Piccadilly=0019a8
| Victoria=0098d8
| Waterloo & City=93ceba
| Tramlink=00BD19
| Docklands Light Railway=00AFAD
| London Overground=ef7b10
| Chelsea-Hackney=8cc63e
| EAL=dc241f <!-- Emirates Air Line -->
| River=00a0e2 <!-- London River Services -->
{{LUL colour|Bakerloo}} Sample:  
{{LUL colour|Central}} Sample:
{{LUL colour|Circle}} Sample:
{{LUL colour|District}} Sample:
{{LUL colour|East London}} Sample:
{{LUL colour|Hammersmith & City}} Sample:
{{LUL colour|Jubilee}} Sample:
{{LUL colour|Metropolitan}} Sample:
{{LUL colour|Northern}} Sample:
{{LUL colour|Piccadilly}} Sample:
{{LUL colour|Victoria}} Sample:
{{LUL colour|Waterloo & City}} Sample:
{{LUL colour|Tramlink}} Sample:
{{LUL colour|Docklands Light Railway}} Sample:
{{LUL colour|London Overground}} Sample:
{{LUL colour|Chelsea-Hackney}} Sample:
{{LUL colour|EAL}} Sample:
{{LUL colour|River}} Sample: