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This map templates is to be used in conjunction with {{Location map}} to display a dot on a Nova Scotia map when location is given. It can also be used as part of {{Infobox Settlement}} using the "pushpin_map" parameters.

Parameters[change source]

Location map Nova Scotia
Top 47.3
Bottom 43.3
Left -66.6
Right -59.5

Usage[change source]

  • Using degree-minute-second
{{Location map|Canada Nova Scotia
|lat_deg    = 
|lat_min    = 
|lat_sec    = 
|lon_deg    = 
|lon_min    = 
|lon_sec    = 
|caption    = 
  • Using decimal degrees
{{Location map|Canada Nova Scotia|lat=|long=-|caption=Location of {{subst:PAGENAME}} in [[Nova Scotia]]|width=220}}