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This template is used to provide a reference link to pages in the London Gazette online archive website at http://www.london-gazette.co.uk/. The London Gazette is the official newspaper of the British government for England and Wales. All official notices are published in the Gazette. The template simplifies the entering of addresses.

The template may also be used to provide references to pages in the online archives of the Gazettes

Usage[change source]

Basic template call. This uses the minimum parameters to link to the reference

{{LondonGazette |issue= |date= |startpage= }}

Template call using endpage. This will list a range of pages in the link

{{LondonGazette |issue= |date= |startpage= |endpage= }}

Template call using city. This will reference a page in the Edinburgh or Belfast Gazette

{{LondonGazette |issue= |date= |startpage= |city= }}

Templace call for a supplement issue. This will reference a page in a supplement to a Gazette

{{LondonGazette |issue= |date= |startpage= |endpage= |supp= }}

Template call using accessdate. This will provide a date the information was retrieved

{{LondonGazette |issue= |date= |startpage= |endpage= |supp= |accessdate= }}

Full template call. All parameters are listed. Delete any parameters not used

{{LondonGazette |issue= |date= |startpage= |endpage= |supp= |city= |accessdate= }}

All parameters, vertical format

Required parameters[change source]

  • issue: The issue number of the Gazette that is being referenced
  • startpage: The page of the Gazette being referenced where the citation is found (or the first page of a range)
  • supp=yes: Required if referencing a page in a Gazette supplement.

Optional parameters[change source]

  • date: The publication date of the Gazette being referenced. This should be in the format day month year.
    • This parameter is ignored if the linkeddate parameter is used.
  • accessdate: Full date when item was accessed. Format should be yyyy-mm-dd. Should not be wikilinked.
  • city: To select one of the other Gazettes.
    • "city=e" for Edinburgh Gazette
    • "city=b" for Belfast Gazette
    • "city=o" for the Oxford Gazette. The first 23 issues of the London Gazette were titled Oxford Gazette.
  • endpage: The last page in a range of pages to be referenced.

Obsolete parameters[change source]

  • notarchive: Formerly required parameter. No longer needed as of January 2009. This parameter may be found in links created prior to the change.
  • accessyear, accessdaymonth, accessmonthday, accessmonth, accessday: Formerly used to provide unlinked dates of retrieval. The use of date-linking is now discouraged.
  • linkeddate: Formerly used to produce a wikilinked date. Wikilinking dates is now deprecated and the function of this paramenter has been disabled.

Source of information for parameters[change source]

To find the information for the parameters:

  1. Visit the Gazette website search page at either:
  2. Enter search terms into the search fields including a date range
  3. When the list of matching Gazettes is displayed, click on a link and the site will open a window with a PDF image of a page of the gazette:
    1. From the dark band above the page image note the five digit issue number. It will also appear in the URL after ".../issues/".
    2. From the top of the page image note the page number. This may be up to five digits and also appears as the last group of characters in the URL.
    3. Note the publication date from the top of the page image
  4. If the reference needs to refer to a range of pages, find the last relevant page and note that from the page image or URL as before.
  5. Check if the page is part of an issue or a supplement
    1. If from a standard gazette issue, the following will be included in the URL, ".../pages/..." and no action is required.
    2. If the page is part of a supplement to an issue, the following will be included in the URL, ".../supplements/..." , the parameter "supp=" must be added to the template. Any character may follow, as long as it is not left blank.
  6. Optionally, if the Belfast or Edinburgh gazettes are to be referenced, add the "city=" parameter. The London Gazette is the default option and will be used if this parameter is not used or if anything other than the "city=e","city=b" or "city=o" is entered. "city=l" may be used to explicitly refer to the London Gazette. "city=o" should only be used for issues 1 to 23 of the London Gazette as it was originally published under that name.
  7. Add each of these to the template
  8. Add the Retrieval date

Examples[change source]

Some standard use cases
  • {{LondonGazette |issue=34000 |date=1 December 1933 |startpage=7765 |endpage=7766 |accessdate=25 August 2019 }}
    London Gazette: no. 34000, pp. 7765–7766, 1 December 1933. Retrieved 25 August 2019.
A link to a page in the Edinburgh gazette
  • {{LondonGazette |issue=11370 |date=3 January 1902 |startpage=1 |city=e |accessdate=25 August 2019 }}
    Edinburgh Gazette: no. 11370, p. 1, 3 January 1902. Retrieved 25 August 2019.
A link to a page in the Oxford gazette
  • {{LondonGazette |issue=1 |date=7 November 1665 |startpage=1 |city=o |accessdate=25 August 2019 }}
    Oxford Gazette: no. 1, p. 1, 7 November 1665. Retrieved 25 August 2019.
No parameters (error)
  • {{LondonGazette}}

You must specify issue= and startpage= when using {{London Gazette}}. Available parameters: