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Usage[change source]

This template is intended for use in infoboxes; specifically {{Infobox person}} and templates calling Infobox person.

{{Marriage}} takes up to three unnamed parameters (name, start date, end date)—plus an optional named parameter |end=—to produce output such as the following:

Jane Doe (m. 18951905)
Jane Smith
(m. 1885; died 1888)
Fred Smith (m. 2002)
Fred Smith (m. 2002–2010)
Fred Smith
(m. 2002; div. 2010)

The above were produced by:

{{marriage |[[John Doe|Jane Doe]] |1 January 1895 |December 31, 1905}}
{{marriage |Jane Smith |1885 |July 27, 1888 |end=d.}}
{{marriage |Fred Smith |2002}}
{{marriage |Fred Smith |2002|2010}}
{{marriage |Fred Smith |2002|2010|end=div}}

In an infobox[change source]

Infobox person
  • Jane Doe (m. 18951905)
  • Fred Smith (m. 2010)
  • Jane Smith
    (m. 1885; died 1888)
  • Frank Lee
    (m. 2002, divorced)

Infoboxes already reduce text size to 88%, and MOS:FONTSIZE sets a lower limit for text size at 85% of the normal page font size, so it is not appropriate to use font size reduction when this template is used in an infobox. The example here is produced by:

{{Infobox person|name=Infobox person |spouse = {{Unbulleted list
  | {{marriage |[[John Doe|Jane Doe]] |1 January 1895 |December 31, 1905}}
  | {{marriage |Fred Smith |2010}}
  | {{marriage |Jane Smith |1885 |July 27, 1888 |end=d.}}
  | {{marriage |Frank Lee |2002 |end=div}}

Syntax and parameters[change source]

{{marriage |<text> |<start date> |<end date> [|end= ]}}

Parameter Description
<text> Some text—usually a spouse's name—preceding the parenthesis carrying the marriage date/s, etc.
  • <start date>
  • <end date>
Only the year within each of these will be displayed. If either has more information (e.g., month, day), it is given via a tooltip; i.e., {{Hover title}}. (See first and third examples above.)
end Reason for marriage's end.

d, d., or died includes died within the parentheses if the marriage ended on the death of the spouse.

div, div., or divorced includes div. or divorced within the parentheses.

Otherwise, |end=item includes customised text. For example:

{{marriage |Miss Doe |January 1, 1882 |December 31, 1905 |end=annulled}} which produces:
Miss Doe
(m. 1882; annulled 1905)
Use of the values w, w., wid, wid., widow, or widowed is deprecated. See Category:Marriage template errors.

TemplateData[change source]

This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools; see the monthly parameter usage report for this template.

TemplateData for Marriage

insert description here

Template parameters

Spouse's name1

Name of the person to whom the subject is married.

Date married2

Date the marriage began.

Date ended3

Date the marriage was dissolved or the spouse of the article's subject died.

Reason endedend reason

Reason for marriage's end.