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This template creates a very concise reference citation to a specific page at National Library of Medicine's Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) browser. MeSH is a controlled vocabulary managed by the NLM. To find the MeSH code for a disease, go to the MeSH search page and enter the term into the search box. The needed MeSH number is the Unique ID in the MeSH Descriptor Page. However, it is also possible to find an entry using the "entry term" and "tree number" fields in the NLM database; see the parameters section below for details.

This template was created for use in the {{infobox disease}}, for the MeSH field. It can be both substituted and transcluded.

Usage[change source]

{{MeSH2|#####}}, where "#####" is the MeSH page number.

Parameters[change source]

This template has four parameters:

  • The first positional parameter is the MeSH code (as shown above). Usually only this parameter is necessary, and if the |name= parameter is not set then this parameter is compulsory.
  • year:- this is the year that appears inside the URL. This parameter is optional, and defaults to the current year.
  • name:- this is the "entry term" in the NLM database. If this parameter is specified then the MeSH code in the first positional parameter is ignored. This parameter is optional.
  • number:- the "tree number" in the NLM database. This parameter is used in conjunction with the |name= parameter, and is used as the visible text for the link. If |name= is not set then this parameter has no effect.

Examples[change source]

{{MeSH2|D001321}} produces D001321

{{MeSH2|D001321|year=2011}} produces D001321

{{MeSH2|name=Cretinism}} produces Cretinism

{{MeSH2|name=Cretinism|number=C05.116.099.343.347}} produces C05.116.099.343.347