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Millennia: 1st millennium BC · 1st millennium AD · 2nd millennium AD
Centuries: 1st century · 2nd century · 3rd century · 4th century · 5th century · 6th century · 7th century · 8th century · 9th century · 10th century

Current format:

Millennia: 2nd millennium · 3rd millennium · 4th millennium
Centuries: 21st century · 22nd century · 23rd century · 24th century · 25th century · 26th century · 27th century · 28th century · 29th century · 30th century
Millennia: 5th millennium BC · 4th millennium BC · 3rd millennium BC
Centuries: 40th century BC · 39th century BC · 38th century BC · 37th century BC · 36th century BC · 35th century BC · 34th century BC · 33rd century BC · 32nd century BC · 31st century BC

This template produces a navigational box for a millennium article. The examples to the right are produced using {{millenniumbox|3}} and {{millenniumbox|-4}}.