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{{Module category}} can be placed at the top of categories that contain module pages and related subcategories.

Usage[change source]

Full syntax[change source]

{{Module category
| topic = 
| description = 
| help = 

Parameters[change source]

The template may be used without any parameters, i.e. as {{Module category}}.

Example: no parameters

The following parameters may be used to make the template more informative.

topic[change source]

Use topic to add a description ending "...relating to topic".
Example: topic
{{Module category |topic=''topic''}}

description[change source]

Use description to add a description in place of – or in addition to – the topic description above.
Example: description
{{Module category |description=This text is supplied by the ''description'' parameter.}}
Example: topic and description
{{Module category
| topic = ''topic''
| description = ''description''

help[change source]

Use help to replace the instructions on adding a module to the category (second paragraph of the "Further module category notes" section). To omit the default instructions, set help to false, no, etc.
Example: replace help text
{{Module category |help=This text supplied by the ''help'' parameter.}}
Example: omit help text
{{Module category |help=no}}

See also[change source]

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