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The purpose of this template is to provide a single location for the base url that links to the nps.gov website. In the event that the base url is changed at nps.gov, a single change here corrects thousands of broken links.

This template uses {{NRHP url/core}}. When it becomes necessary to change the base url, that change is made at {{NRHP url/core}}.

Usage[change source]

This template takes three parameters:

|id= – (required) the 'file name' without the .pdf extension
|title= – (optional) the title of the linked document
|photos= – (optional) when linking to a file in the Photos folder, setting |photos=y will modify the url path

Parameter names are not required. When not used, the positional order is:

{{NRHP url|identifier|title|photos}}

When |title= is empty or omitted, the template produces a url suitable for use in Citation Style 1 and Citation Style 2 templates.

{{cite web |title=Central Park Historic District |url={{NRHP url|id=00001069}} |publisher=[[National Park Service]] |access-date=2016-03-03}}
"Central Park Historic District". National Park Service. Retrieved 2016-03-03.

With a title, the template produces a properly marked up external wikilink:

{{NRHP url|id=00001069|title=Central Park Historic District}}
[https://npgallery.nps.gov/NRHP/GetAsset/NRHP/00001069_text Central Park Historic District]
Central Park Historic District

To link to the associated photos:

{{NRHP url|id=00001069|title=Central Park Historic District|photos=y}}
[https://npgallery.nps.gov/NRHP/GetAsset/NRHP/00001069_photos Central Park Historic District]
Central Park Historic District

To create a plain url link to the associated photos:

{{NRHP url|id=00001069|photos=y}}

or, when using positional parameters:

{{NRHP url|00001069||y}}