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Usage[change source]

Can be optionally employed where the commentator feels a need to clarify that one is making an opinion or observation, but is not in the position to make any actions.

  • This template is optional; there is no requirement for non-admins to identify themselves as such on any page, although in certain situations it may be helpful to do so.
  • This template is only for your own comments; it must never be added to someone else's comments.
  • Except in certain limited cases where an admin must make the final decision (for example, WP:RFPP), the views of administrators and editors who are not administrators should be given equal weight. This is especially true in discussions regarding article content.

Interchangeable with {{nao}} and {{NAO}}.

Defaults to (Non-administrator observation)

Parameters[change source]

{{Non-administrator observation|admin}} and {{Non-administrator observation|sysop}} produce (Non-administrator observation)

{{Non-administrator observation|cu}} and {{Non-administrator observation|checkuser}} produce (Non-checkuser observation)

{{Non-administrator observation|bag}} produces (Non-BAG member observation)

{{Non-administrator observation|crat}} and {{Non-administrator observation|bureaucrat}} produce (Non-bureaucrat observation)

{{Non-administrator observation|[something else here]}} produces (Non-[something else here] observation)

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