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Northern City Line
BSicon .svg CONTg BSicon .svg BSicon .svg
East Coast Main Line
BSicon .svg BHF extKBHFa BSicon .svg
Finsbury Park London Underground
BSicon .svg STR extSTRe BSicon .svg
BSicon .svg ABZgl xABZg+r BSicon .svg
exSTR+l eABZgr STR BSicon .svg
extSTRa STR HST BSicon .svg
Drayton Park
extCONTf CONTf STR BSicon .svg
To King's Cross
BSicon .svg utCONTg tSTRa BSicon .svg
North London Line
BSicon .svg utCPICl tCPICm CPICr
Highbury & Islington London Underground
BSicon .svg utSTR tSTR CONTf
BSicon .svg utCONTf tSTR BSicon .svg
Victoria Line
BSicon .svg BSicon .svg tHST BSicon .svg
Essex Road
BSicon .svg BSicon .svg tBHF BSicon .svg
Old Street London Underground
BSicon .svg exCONTg tSTR BSicon .svg
Thameslink (closed March 2009)
BSicon .svg exCPICle tCPICr BSicon .svg
Moorgate London Underground
BSicon .svg BSicon .svg uexKBHFe BSicon .svg
BSicon .svg BSicon .svg BSicon .svg BSicon .svg
(Extension authorised but
construction abandoned)

This is a route-map template for a UK railway.