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Usage[change source]

Add this template to the top of any article where you think the subject does not meet Wikipedia's notability guidelines (not the sort of subject that Wikipedia should have an article about). When an article is definitely not notable, and no reliable sources can be found to support its notability, then you should nominate it for quick deletion instead (use the shortcut {{notable}} template).

Deletion is not meant to be cleanup. Do not use this tag simply because the page needs a lot of work. Generally, notability requires only that reliable, secondary sources have been published about the subject.

  • {{Notability|date=November 2015}}

This template will categorise tagged articles into Category:Articles with topics that may not be notable. It should never be used with subst.

Providing no arguments to the template will link to the generic notability guidelines. An optional argument can make the message more specific. Specific options include:

Academic journals or journals {{Notability|Journals|date=November 2015}}
Academics or prof {{Notability|Academics|date=November 2015}}
Astro {{Notability|Astro|date=November 2015}}
Biographies or Bio {{Notability|Biographies|date=November 2015}}
Books or Book {{Notability|Books|date=November 2015}}
Companies or corp {{Notability|Companies|date=November 2015}}
Events or Event {{Notability|Events|date=November 2015}}
Films, Film, Movies, or Movie {{Notability|Films|date=November 2015}}
Institutions {{Notability|Institutions|date=November 2015}}
Lists or List {{Notability|Lists|date=November 2015}}
Music {{Notability|Music|date=November 2015}}
Neologisms {{Notability|Neologisms|date=November 2015}}
Numbers {{Notability|Numbers|date=November 2015}}
Organizations, Organisations or Org {{Notability|Organizations|date=November 2015}}
Products {{Notability|Products|date=November 2015}}
Sports or Sport {{Notability|Sports|date=November 2015}}
Web {{Notability|Web|date=November 2015}}

Removing this tag[change source]

If you find an article that is tagged as having notability concerns, it is recommended that you add a list of independent sources have been published about the subject to the article or its talk page before removing this tag.

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