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Template documentation

This template is used to display the current number of member states which recognize a particular state. To update the number, month, year, or name produced by this template, you must modify the corresponding subtemplate.

List of subtemplates


The first parameter corresponds to a subtemplate of this template, e.g., Pal for {{Numrec/Pal}}. The second and third parameter inserts wikilinked text before and after the number. Other optional parameters are:

  • asof = S to turn on the "As of" prefix (start)
  • asof = E to turn on the "as of" suffix (end)
  • alt = foo to change the "As of" prefix to "foo"
  • alt2 = bar to add "bar" after the "As of" date and before the wikilinked text
  • link = N to turn off linking
  • spell = N to turn off spelling out numbers less than 10 and listing them simply as integers.
  • pcent = total number to add a percentage out of "total number". If pcent=UN then the total number of UN member states is used.
  • N = number outputs "Number of recognizers + N". This is useful in situations where non-UN member states are to be included in the total.
  • W = Y outputs number of states who have withdrawn recognition as opposed to the number of recognizers.


  • {{Numrec|Pal|the|countries}}the 137 countries
  • {{Numrec|Pal|the|countries|link=N}} → the 137 countries
  • {{Numrec|Abkhazia|the|countries}}the seven countries
  • {{Numrec|Abkhazia|the|countries|spell=N}}the 7 countries
  • {{Numrec|Pal|although|of the countries|link=N|pcent=193}} → although 71% of the countries
  • {{Numrec|Pal|a total of|countries ...|link=N|asof=S}} → As of 3 August 2018, a total of 137 countries ...
  • {{Numrec|Pal|a total of|countries ...|link=N|asof=S|alt=as of }} → as of 3 August 2018, a total of 137 countries ...
  • {{Numrec|Pal|a total of|countries ...|link=N|asof=E}} → a total of 137 countries ... as of 3 August 2018
  • {{Numrec|Pal|a total of|countries ...|link=N|asof=E|alt=, by }} → a total of 137 countries ... , by 3 August 2018