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This template generates a link for browsing an author's works on Open Library.

Usage[change source]

One of:

  • {{OL author}}
  • {{OL author|id=id of the author as specified at openlibrary.org|cname=name to be displayed}}

The former fetches the ID from Wikidata and takes the name from the page name.

|id= is the openlibrary id in the form ####A where #### is a series of one or more digits; do not include 'OL' prefix
|cname= is an optional parameter for the name to be displayed – if omitted, uses page name

Examples[change source]


{{OL author|21491A}}


Works by OL author at Open Library – no name provided so use page name


{{OL author|id=21491A|cname=Jack Kerouac}}


Works by Jack Kerouac at Open Library

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