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This template should not be substituted.

| date =
| log =
| page =
| year =
| result =
| oldname =

None of the parameters are required. Template:Oldrfd calls this template and uses the default values of most parameters.

  • date — Date of nomination. If left blank or not included, defaults to "in the past"
  • log — What log the discussion is in (for nominations made before July 2008 only).
  • page — If left blank or not included, defaults to "{{PAGENAME}}". Required for the link to the discussion.
  • year — What year the discussion was in. Required for the link to the discussion.
  • result — Cannot be left blank. If not included, defaults to "keep"
  • oldname — If this is y, then page will be used as the old name (usually the case). Any other value will be used instead of page to show the name of the page at the time of the discussion, if different to the current name (usually when redirect was the result of the discussion).

To make the link to the nomination page, you must specify |year= and |page=. The link will be made: [[Wikipedia:Requests for deletion/Requests/{{{year}}}/{{{page}}}]].

If the year is missing (or if the page is incorrectly given), then no discussion link will be given. In the case of discussions prior to 2008, the log number (1–12) must be specified in order for the link to be made.

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