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Template:Quotation templates see also

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Bug workarounds
  • Template:ins, Template:del – correct display of <ins> and <del> inside block quotations as used by many of the quotation templates

Usage[change source]

This template can be added in the "See also" section of the main templates of Category: Quotation templates. There are no parameters:

==Related pages==
{{Quotation templates see also}}

The section can provide more information, preferably in the same format with intro, such as:

==Related pages==
;Direct variants:

* [[Template:SameName2]] – identical but with italic text
* [[Template:SameName3]] – identical but with bold text

{{Quotation templates see also}}

;Useful related templates:

* [[Template:Smaller-begin]] – header for smaller font
* [[Template:Smaller-end]] – footer for smaller font