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Available parameters:

games (1)
event (YYYY [Summer|Winter])
NOC (2)
team, nation, three-letter code; set to ‘total’ for bottom row
gold (3)
number of gold medals won
silver (4)
number of silver medals won
bronze (5)
number of bronze medals won
rank (6)
host (7)
set to anything, e.g. ‘yes’, to mark host country, do not use otherwise

You should either use named parameters (which you could put in any order) or ordered paramters, although you can mix them in principle. These lines give the same result.

{{RankedMedalRow|2012 Summer|XYZ|5|3|2|12|yes}}
{{RankedMedalRow|games=2012 Summer|NOC=XYZ|gold=5|silver=3|bronze=2|rank=12|host=yes}}
{{RankedMedalRow|host=yes|games=2012 Summer|bronze=2|silver=3|gold=5|NOC=XYZ|rank=12}}

If not using named parameters, be sure not to forget one, better set empty counts to ‘0’. Use {{RankedMedalTable}} for the column headers.