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{{{title}}} at Rotten Tomatoes

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Template:Rotten Tomatoes displays an external link to a page at the Rotten Tomatoes website. It is intended for use in the external links section of an article.

Usage[change source]

Unnamed parameters:

{{Rotten Tomatoes | ID }}
{{Rotten Tomatoes | ID | TITLE or NAME }}

Named parameters:

{{Rotten Tomatoes | id= ID }}
{{Rotten Tomatoes | id= ID | title= TITLE }}
{{Rotten Tomatoes | id= ID | name= NAME }}

Using Wikidata property P1258:

{{Rotten Tomatoes}}
{{Rotten Tomatoes | title= TITLE }}
{{Rotten Tomatoes | name= NAME }}

Instructions[change source]

  1. Go to RottenTomatoes.com and search for a title or person. On the results page, click the appropriate link.
  2. The page for a movie review should have a URL (shown in your browser's address bar) like this:
    where m/<ID> is Rotten Tomatoes' ID for this page. For instance, the page for The Time Travelers (1964) is:
    Note however, that the ID for many movies will simply be their complete title in all-lowercase, without punctuation, and with underscores replacing spaces. For instance, the page for To Kill A Mockingbird (1962) is:
  3. Add the following text to the "External links" section of your movie article:
    * {{Rotten Tomatoes|m/<ID>|<TITLE>}}
    replacing <ID> with the ID you found and <TITLE> with the title as you wish it to appear. For example:
    * {{Rotten Tomatoes|m/incredibles|The Incredibles}}
    will result in the following:
  4. See the examples below for links to Rotten Tomatoes web pages about TV series, franchises, celebrities, and critics.

Examples[change source]

Movie or film (ID without prefix, retained for compatibility)
* {{Rotten Tomatoes | 1021517-time_travelers | The Time Travelers }}
Movie or film (ID with m/ prefix)
* {{Rotten Tomatoes | m/xmen | X-Men }}
TV series (ID with tv/ prefix)
* {{Rotten Tomatoes | tv/legion | Legion }}
Franchise (ID with franchise/ prefix)
* {{Rotten Tomatoes | franchise/x-men | X-Men: Movies and TV Shows }}
Movie/TV person (ID with celebrity/ prefix)
* {{Rotten Tomatoes | celebrity/luc_besson | Luc Besson }}
Movie/TV critic (ID with critic/ prefix)
* {{Rotten Tomatoes | critic/richard-brody | Richard Brody }}

TemplateData[change source]

This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools; see the monthly parameter usage report for this template.

TemplateData for Rotten Tomatoes

This template generates an external link to a page for a film title at the Rotten Tomatoes website.

Template parameters

ID1 id

The ID portion of the URL. Examples: 1021517_time_travelers or m/1021517_time_travelers, tv/legion, franchise/x-men, celebrity/luc_besson, critic/richard-brody. This parameter is optional if Wikidata property P1258 exists, but required if not.

Wikidata property P1258
Title or name2 title name

Title of movie/film or TV series, or name of person, used as the link text. The template uses italic type for titles (IDs with m/, tv/, franchise/ prefix) and non-italic for people (IDs with celebrity/ or critic/ prefix). This parameter is optional; it defaults to the Wikipedia article name, without any disambiguation such as "(film)" or "(director)".


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