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How to use this template[change source]

Type the following, replacing XXXX with the company's stock symbol:


Where to use this template[change source]

The best location for this template is in an infobox about the company, such as {{Infobox company}}, at the top of the article, if one exists. Include this template in traded_as field:

{{Infobox company
| company_type=[[Public company|Public]]
| traded_as={{SEHK|0941}}<br>{{NYSE|CHL}}

When no infobox exists, some editors include it in the first sentence of an article about the company:

China Mobile is a publically traded company ({{SEHK|0941}}, {{NYSE|CHL}}).

Because redundant links are discouraged, this template should normally only appear in one place in an article about a publicly traded company.