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To change, please make an account at home and log in with it here.

Due to repeated vandalism (see change log), changing by anonymous users from your school, library or institution's IP address is currently disabled. You can still read the encyclopedia. To stop abuse, account creation using this IP address is probably also disabled.

If changing is required for class projects, please have your teacher or network administrator contact us (with reference to this IP address) at simple-admins-l from an email address listed on your school's website. Alternatively, if you have no Internet access at home, you may email us using your school's email address, telling us which username you would like. An account will be made for you. Please check this list that the user name you chose has not already been taken.

Thank you.

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{{schoolblock|COMMENTS (optional)|sig=~~~~ (optional)}}

To remove "at home" from the login instructions, use:

{{schoolblock|COMMENTS (optional)|home=no}}

Important: Only use sig=~~~~ if you wish to sign the default blocking notice when used on a talk page. Remember that signatures are not substituted in the block reason field.

Recommendations: Do not substitute ("subst:") this template as contact details may change in the future. This template was designed especially for use as a block reason as readers frequently attempt to email us before they even read their IP address's talk page.

You are encouraged to use this template as a blocking reason whenever you are blocking a shared educational IP. For blocks shorter than three months, it is recommended that you do not duplicate this notice on a blocked IP's talk page and instead use other user block templates to provide immediate notification to the vandal of the block. As this template is rather large, it is preferable that we do not have it displayed multiple times simultaneously for each talk page.

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