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Template:See also if exists/doc

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Displays a "see also" link to one or more pages, followed by a line break, if the page exists. If none of the supplied pages exists, the template does nothing.

It allows the creation of links to pages which do not yet exist, but which will be displayed if and when the page is created. This is useful as a topic is being developed, because the editor does not have to guess whether a target page is likely to exist any time soon: the link can be created now, rather than having to edit the page again later.

Usage[change source]

Usual syntax
{{See also if exists|page}}
{{See also if exists|page1|page2|page3|...}}


  • At least one page name
  1. A page which does exist:
    {{See also if exists|Poland}}
  2. A non-existent page:
    {{See also if exists|1997 Presidential election in Planet Zxcvbmm}}
  3. A set of pages, some of which exist:
    {{See also if exists | Argentina| | James Balfour (died 1845) | asdfghij2345 | Dinosaurs | poiytrewq6789 | zzzzzzzzy | Novels }}

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