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This template can be used to feed area and population figures from Wikidata to fields in templates such as {{Infobox settlement}}.

Population[change source]

{{Spain metadata Wikidata}} works by checking if the Wikidata entity linked to the article has a population (P1082) statement dating to 2018 and sourced by an external reference (not imported from Wikimedia project (P143) or similar properties). If the condition is verified, the population figure is displayed. Articles using this template that do not have referenced statements dating to 2018 will appear in a tracking category so that they can be fixed.

Usage[change source]

{{Spain metadata Wikidata|population_footnotes}}


{{Spain metadata Wikidata|population_total}}


{{Spain metadata Wikidata|population_as_of}}

Updating the figures[change source]

See the procedure explained on Wikipedia:Uploading metadata to Wikidata. The mappings between Wikidata IDs for municipalities and municipality keys are available through this Wikidata Query.

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