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Usage[change source]

To specify a straightforward table without needing to input all the wikicode required[source?] (in particular the |- row divisions).

|type  =        // default: style="background:transparent;"
|title =     
|hdrs  =        // first header !! second header !! ... 
|row1  =        // first cell's contents {{!!}} second cell's contents {{!!}} ... 
|row50 =        // last possible row

All parameters optional.

Examples[change source]

Example One[change source]

|row1=2001 Started research
|row2=2002 Published findings}}
2001 Started research
2002 Published findings

Example Two[change source]

|type=class="wikitable sortable"
|title=Example Table Two
|row1=2001{{!!}}Started research
|row2=2002{{!!}}Published findings}}
Example Table Two
Year Comments
2001 Started research
2002 Published findings

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