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Tcmdb name at the TCM Movie Database

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This template is used to generate an external link to a web page at the TCM Movie Database. It is based on the templates {{IMDb name}} and {{AllMovie name}}. Turner Classic Movies (TCM) maintains its own comprehensive database of motion pictures, actors, actresses, and film crew.

This template is designed for a link to a person; to a link to a film title use {{Tcmdb title}} instead.

Usage[change source]

No parameters (fetched ID from Wikidata):

  • {{Tcmdb name}}

Unnamed parameters:

  • {{Tcmdb name|ID}}
  • {{Tcmdb name|ID|NAME}}

Named parameters:

  • {{Tcmdb name|id=ID}}
  • {{Tcmdb name|id=ID|name=NAME}}

Instructions[change source]

  1. Visit the TCM Movie Database.
  2. In the keyword search field, type in the name of the person you want to link to, and click "Search."
  3. TCM will show a disambiguation page showing all the names that match your search words. Click on the person's name you want.
  4. The page URL should look like this:
    or http://tcmdb.com/participant/participant.jsp?participantId=#####
    where ##### indicates the required ID number
  5. Copy the ID number that appears after /person/ or participantId= in the URL.
  6. Add that value to the article's equivalent Wikdiata item
  7. In the article you are editing, type {{Tcmdb name}} or:
  8. type {{Tcmdb name|id=#####|name=First Last}}.

Example[change source]

  1. For Alfred Hitchcock, the TCM Movie Database page URL is:
    or http://tcmdb.com/participant/participant.jsp?participantId=87065
  2. Copy 87065 and add it to this template, i.e.:
    {{Tcmdb name|id=87065|name=Alfred Hitchcock}}
    or {{Tcmdb name|87065|Alfred Hitchcock}}
  3. This will display as:
    Alfred Hitchcock at the TCM Movie Database

Template data[change source]

This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools; see the monthly error report for this template.

TemplateData for Tcmdb name

This template is used to generate an external link to a web page at the TCM (Turner Classic Movies) Movie Database.

Template parameters


ID number used in the URL of the person's page at the TCM Movie Database.


Name of the person which is displayed as the link text. If not specified it defaults to article's {{PAGENAME}}, without any disambiguation such as (actor) or (director).


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