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<span style="white-space:nowrap">&thinsp;</span>
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This template can be used to display the HTML "thin space" character entity &thinsp; (Unicode U+2009). If a parameter is supplied, it will return that parameter prefixed and suffixed by a thin space.

Usage[change source]

Some browsers, especially Opera version 10.62, do not display some space characters as expected. Using this template will cause &thinsp; to display correctly. This web page can be used to check how Unicode space characters display in a browser window.

Examples[change source]

Code / markup Results
36°34′42″N 118°17′31″W / 36.57833°N 118.29194°W / 36.57833; -118.29194[1]
36°34′42″N 118°17′31″W / 36.57833°N 118.29194°W / 36.57833; -118.29194[1]
"Hello, world!"
"{{thinsp|Hello, world!}}"
"Hello, world!"
"Hello, world! "