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Usage[change source]

To add this template to a page with a running translation, please use the following template code at the top of the page in question:

{{Translation WIP|ArticleName|FromLanguage|FLSC}}


  • ArticleName corresponds to the original name of the article. The original (To and From) pages should both be listed by the same or equivalent names.
  • FromLanguage is the full name of the source language, I.E: German.
  • FLSC (FromLanguageShortCode) is the ISO 639 short code for the source language, e.g.: Use de for German.

This template will categorize tagged articles into Category:Articles in translation.

Example[change source]

To show that the current page is a translation of the Transrapid article from the German Wikipedia, the following code would be used:

{{Translation WIP|Transrapid|German|de}}

Other notes[change source]

This template was created by a user who is a Wikipedia newbie, therefore it may not always work properly, but he will try and fix it if he can. Please leave any comments, suggestions and bug-fix history in the Template discussion page.

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